Your Fourth Strike

January 5, 2012

It is indeed 2012 and the challenges in Alabama as we head into the first quarter are voluminous in every category. The failures and the mistakes we made in the past year become clear learning examples that must grow our experience and get us better.

Back in grade school, during those memorable parking lot softball games, we often yelled for a “do over”; with enough backing from friends we got a chance at that fourth strike. We got a second chance. The opportunity might have even influenced the outcome of the game before the school bell rang to end recess.

There are no “do overs” in business and in leadership. We succeed or fail, document, assess, strategize, and we move forward. No one single leader runs mistake-free. It is completely okay to fail at times. We just have to fail in the right direction.

If we are in a position, career, or job that makes us unhappy in; leaving and quitting might be better than staying and being miserable. If we are short of money, we need to stop spending. If we need to lose weight, we must eat less. Humanity indeed has a great gift. It is the gift of choice. We get to decide how to make the most of everyday. We get to decide who to build alliances, partnerships, relationships, and friendships with as we move forward in our professions.

Be committed only to goals and objectives that help support choices and career. Set specific, measurable, written, time dated goals that help us win.

When we get up to the plate, we have to make that 4th strike ourselves.

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