The Four Strategies of Selling

December 20, 2011

The main purpose of a salesperson is to get a little better every day. Most professionals in sales know this and work at getting better. They must also be good at building relationships. By building the bond of relationships built on trust every single day you begin the development of quality prospects. There is a very critical adage that must be remembered in sales, especially if someone is fairly new in this career; “It is not who you know. It is not what you know. It is who knows you and who tells others.”

In essence, being connected is incredibly important. Here are four strategies that will really help you in sales as you head into the great unknown we will soon call 2012.

  • Stay connected: Visibility is essential in sales. Join local community groups in and around Birmingham like Kiwanis and the Chamber of Commerce. Help with the local blood drive, and visit the newest businesses in town to develop additional avenues of connection.
  • Be the “Go to” sales pro: Being the expert in customer service needs and in product knowledge gives you a distinct advantage when a management lead comes into the department or organization.
  • Have personal accountability: It is perfectly okay not to sell something every single day. And it is okay to make mistakes. When a sale collapses because of you, admit what happened to yourself. It is your deal and your fault. It is how you learn.
  • Believe in the strength of closing: Nothing happens until you sell something. It creates opportunity for income, organizational profit, and service opportunity. Closing is really an opening. It is an opening to new business, referral business, and outstanding client satisfaction.  Is you do not close the deal with a client who really needs and wants what you are selling, you just never gave the client enough reasons to buy.

Sometimes it is just a simple connecting of these dots that will really help your income!

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