Quick Tips for Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch by Being a Better Communicator

December 14, 2011

If you are a sales or business professional looking to make a great first impression, then the elevator pitch should be at the top of your list of communication skills to learn right now. An elevator pitch is essentially a 60-second speech that tells others what you are about to entice them to want to learn more about you and your company. Think of it as that brief time period you have while greeting other passengers on an elevator – time is of the essence.

A recent Entrepreneur magazine article talked about the importance of using this short, yet opportune time as a way to tell your story in a comprehensive way. The author urged entrepreneurs to ask critical questions when developing this elevator pitch, in the effort of improving communication with a simple, but concise blurb. The key is understanding more about yourself as both a communicator, and from a business perspective — what your business story says about you.

Here are some quick tips for perfecting your elevator speech by becoming a better overall communicator.

Be organized. As you develop your elevator pitch, you will want to ask yourself specific questions that will help you present a well-organized speech. Ask the what?, why?, how? and what’s in it for me?, from a customer point of view. This is a critical area of both sales and communication you will want to start incorporating in all of your networking actions.

Keep it to the point. When it comes to the delivery of an elevator speech, getting to the point fast is the name of the game. Start your initial sentence with a brief background, your business offerings and how they benefit others. End with a catchy, distinctive and memorable statement that invites the listener to find out more and learn how you can help them.

Speak clearly. There’s nothing worse than being misunderstood or not getting your message across by garbled words or poor speech habits. Take the time to work your pitch in front of your bathroom mirror, with friends and co-workers to develop clear speaking habits. Annunciate your words, make eye contact, and keep your voice even.

Share your passion. The secret to delivering your best elevator speech is to let your passion for your industry shine through. When you are excited about something this gets others excited about it as well. Smile, and be positive for better responses. Remember that the idea is to get the other person interested in learning more, so invite the listener to learn more with a subsequent meeting.

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