The Nine Elements to (Selling) Personality!

November 15, 2011

Selling is really not selling. Selling is personality. People buy from salespeople they like first, and trust second. Although there are exceptions, no one buys from people they dislike and do not trust. Buy is the key term. Salespeople do not sell anything ever. People have to buy. And they buy on only two variables: needs and wants.

Here are nine elements of “personality” sales professionals.

  • Training: This is a must whether you have a week in the position or 10 years. Staying fresh with fundamentals and advanced skills will allow you to be the best.
  • Planning: Especially in retail, individuals can get sidetracked and become unfocused, especially if working in a team environment. Schedule the day from phone calls to client acquisition.
  • Ideas: The mind is the best place for process improvement. After every transaction, successful or not, jot down the good and the bad and get better.
  • Techniques: Although the foundation is in role play and repetition, once you understand process you can add the attribute of persuasion.
  • Presentation: High energy and engagement, or lack of it, regardless of whether it is a cell phone or a car, will make or break the deal.
  • Goals:  Set daily, weekly and monthly goals. Find the team average and be at least one better.
  • Simplicity: As it was said earlier, thinking beyond the customer’s needs and wants is over thinking.
  • Closing: Remember who does the buying here. Let the customers close the deal. It is always up to them.
  • Ethics: This element supports all the others. Honesty and integrity support your personality. And as you know now, selling is personality!

The Carnegie sales training focus based on engagement works every time!

“Everything is agreement based. The only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it.”

Dale Carnegie

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