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November 2, 2011

We all know the popularity of social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. With some 800,000 million people worldwide using just Facebook alone (as of this post) it’s apparently clear that social media is here to stay. However, it’s not just a place to network with friends and family members anymore.

Social media is becoming the leading venue for being an influencer in your chosen interest or industry. In fact, developments like Klout and Twitalyzer that track and analyze social media influence have made it easier than ever to see how well social media is inspiring those in your network. So, now on top of being involved with social media, you can use this as an actual tool to track how good you are at getting others excited about your ideas

Being a “mover and shaker” in your industry or niche can be a major advantage and it can place you in right place for bigger opportunities. Social Media Today, a popular social media e-zine, recently published an article on the topic, “What it Means to be an Influencer Online”, that illustrates this point well, especially with the growing entrepreneurial base. The article says, “Influence is the ability to shift a person or group’s thinking on a particular topic or idea” and that, “It most frequently achieved through demonstrable credibility and experience.”

How well you are influencing others can be a sign of your growth as an expert in your chosen field or interest. By sharing your ideas and providing educational tips on social media networks, you can rapidly speed up the process of becoming the go-to person in your niche market. And when a new company or potential client go looking for someone of your expertise, guess whom they will find? You!

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Reference for further reading: Social Media Today, “What it Means to be an Influencer Online”, published September 29, 2011 by Vanessa DiMauro

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