The Three Keys to Classic Sales

October 26, 2011

Not every organization sells solely in the Web 2.0 world. Classic sales still happen every day. Jewelry, automobiles, and refrigerators still are sold in “on the floor” environments, and thousands of sales professionals are doing it.  Success is often a challenge for leadership, management, and the sales teams.

It is near the end of the October for salespeople. For the retail customer, this is the time of the month that is considered a no-brainer. Coupons and specials pop up on the television, radio and in the paper. Every type of deal gets a little edge at month-end. And the edge is usually to the customer. The big problem for salespeople today is getting these customers into the business and getting them to assess value and cost and then have them consider purchasing the same day based on value and need.

Sometimes purchases just happen when there is a trigger behavior. It is near Halloween so candy sales spike. There is always a spike in sales at the dealerships as people are drawn in to purchase or lease vehicles.

But many salespeople are their own worst enemy. How many times have managers heard: “Man, I have NO traffic!” Another common thought said out loud is, “The economy is to blame!”  Yes, we hear it all the time.

In classic sales, try the TRIO METHOD… Business cards, a great attitude, and a HUGE SMILE will get you customers who are not in your current owner and referral base.

Every time you open your wallet or pocketbook to spend your hard earned cash, give the person taking your money a business card, a great attitude and a HUGE smile. It takes 15-30 seconds to tell the person who you are and what you do. Two cards are needed in the McDonald’s drive-thru. Remember the second guy that hands you your salad and diet soda is a potential customer as well.

Dig into your social network, from your next door neighbor to your best friend. If the one hundred plus people you know outside of the work environment do not have your card, then you are not covering all your bases. This is the easiest group to contact and let know that you are selling a certain commodity or product.

Finally, look within your professional network; people who work in your business might buy from you if you give them a card and always have that positive attitude coupled with a huge smile. People in the nearby departments, nearby buildings, and nearby businesses will include you in their buying loop if they know you exist.

Remember card, attitude, and smile. It just takes three! Have a 30 second elevator speech ready and look for every opportunity to build your business.

Client acquisition is expensive if it comes from cold calling. If you have even the minimum relationship with a perspective client, you have a better chance of success. Remember that winning friends and influencing people are core principles of Dale Carnegie. Try the trio method on a consistent basis and see how it works for you. It is so simple and basic that you might be the only one doing it.

Happy selling!

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