The Rules of Engagement: Benefits of Employee Loyalty

October 25, 2011

Did you know that keeping your employees engaged at work is the number one factor that can contribute to your organizational success? With the world economy in turmoil, this can be the key to controlling how your business will weather future storms. Employee loyalty can be thought of as a relationship of convenience, with skilled individuals tying their wagons to your business objectives for the long term. Without this key element, your company structure may be in danger of failure, starting at the individual level.

Keeping employees engaged on the job is not an easy task. It takes a careful strategy to focus on the individual needs of employees in a collective sense. Without groups of happy employees, efforts to achieve goals will seem impossible. Happy employees equate to productive employees. A 2007 study conducted by Globoforce indicated that companies that spend the time developing employee engagement programs can easily rise above the competition, with more productive and loyal employees to thank.

Along with greater levels of productivity, there are several other good reasons why keeping employees engaged at work make good business sense. High degrees of employee satisfaction lead to lower employee turnover rates. Turnover can cost employers a great deal of time and money, often as much as half a year’s salary to replace a single employee. This alone should prompt HR departments to put a simple employee incentive program in place to offset the costs of replacing disloyal employees.

Employees who are continually encouraged and supported in the workplace also lead to higher levels of creativity and innovation. This can produce above-average results when it comes to improving work processes, developing new products and adding to revenue streams. That’s why many organizations are placing a higher emphasis on creating work environments that are conducive to employee satisfaction.

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