Hold the Mayo Please!

October 3, 2011

If you are the leader in the organization and you have people working and running the business, the last thing you want are unhappy employees. If your people are not happy and they are not focused on their jobs and opportunity, you just might want to consider holding the mayo. But this has nothing to do with a sandwich or a burger. It has everything to do with making people better.  The mayo we are talking about is Elton Mayo, the famous Human Relations Theorist who perfected the theory that if you take care of your people and pay positive attention to them, performance increases. If you grab hold of the Human Relations Theory, and put it to work, your organization will be more successful. Just paying attention to people improves what they do and how they do it.

In this economy, many companies still in desperate mode, now go to their employees (sometimes as a last resort) and ask them for ideas that might help save the business. But that is what every business should do.  They need to tap human capital in both the best and in the worst of times to give the business continual life. People are the “think tank” of every business environment regardless of product and service.

If leaders took the time to give real and honest positive feedback on a daily basis, it would make an employee’s day. It is perfectly okay, after long hours and days to get a project out, to give the employees an early afternoon off. Try giving them some flexible scheduling if the business can allow it. Pay people fairly and give them bonuses when they exceed predetermined performance levels. Employee-focused organizations do not need as much of an advertising budget when the employees are buying and recommending products and services.  And it is contagious; your happy customers also become your advertising and marketing arm. Not surprisingly, great employees lead to great customers.

The next time your business has employee issues, open up your menu of opportunity and hold the Mayo.  Take a minute and Google Elton Mayo to get the complete story.

As Dale Carnegie once famously said, “If you want to gather honey, don’t kick over the beehive.”

In fact, you might want to consider placing that hive near some flowers!

Watching productivity increase in an ideal environment is the perfect equation as businesses head into the 4th quarter.

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