Best Thing You Can Do—Take Care of You!

September 28, 2011

And Your Chance to Win $1 Million While Doing It!

Whether you’re an employer, employee, seeking out employment or a stay-at-home mother, one of the most valuable tasks that you can do each and every day.  Take care of you.

It sounds really simple, but often times people get so busy in their day and taking care of other people or other tasks, that one of the most neglected people often becomes YOU.  On Monday, Dr. Oz—Oprah Winfrey and the country’s doctor—launched his Transformation Nation campaign.  This campaign was his effort to transform this country and help create an incentive for a healthier, happier YOU.  The campaign includes a contest to win up to $1 million if a participant meets one of three requirements: 1) if started at a healthy Body Mass Index of less than 25, they maintain it; 2) if started at an unhealthy Body Mass Index of over 25, they lower it to between 20 and 25; or 3) they lose 10% of their starting body weight.  Click here for Official Rules and Eligibility.

Even though the contest surrounds Body Mass Index and weight loss (or maintenance), the campaign promotes Dr. Oz’ 7 Pillars of Good Health, which includes going to the doctor, getting your cholesterol and glucose levels, learning your family’s health history, getting more sleep, assessing and managing stress and starting new fitness habits.

In life’s busyness, it’s really easy to forget to take care of yourself.  But one of the greatest assets to this world that you have to offer is yourself—so make sure to take care of you!  You can use Dr. Oz and a $1 million incentive to help kick start your own campaign to a healthier, happier YOU!

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