Always Be Selling!

September 28, 2011

Smart leaders are always in selling mode and improving process. No matter the size of the organization, selling is the principal revenue conduit for credibility, rapport and trust building, regardless of service or product. Selling is as critical to business as any other factor. What makes it unique is that it is a continuous and definable human process.

Every one person starts selling at birth. From there we continually create and refine the skill of selling. If born in a hospital, newborns learn to sell immediately after birth right on the warming table. Babies cry and quickly realize that if a lot of noise is made people rush to their side. They have no idea of language but they soon realize how to get attention. They are selling. Two year olds lack sophistication, but know that if they stomp up and down long enough, they will often get their way. By age eight, they adjust selling skills and use them to play each parent for that candy bar or sleepover. As teens, selling means car keys. By the time adulthood is reached, people have gotten so good at selling that they never think of it as selling. It is integrated into adult DNA.

Try getting out of a football or hockey game parking lot and getting your vehicle out of the space to the highway a half mile away. You have to sell yourself time and again just to get to the highway.  If you don’t, and you refuse to signal, point, wave and smile, the vehicles in your way will ever let you go ahead of them.

At a traditional job interview, you dress like you are heading uptown to your best friend’s wedding. You are sharp, rested, full of energy, and effervescent; you know you are selling yourself. You know you have maybe 30 seconds into the interview to do so.

In life and in business, nothing happens until you sell yourself. As Dale Carnegie once said, “Believe that you will succeed and you will.” Growing in sales skill is at the heart of continued success. Remember, always be selling!

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