Take the Leap

September 8, 2011

There are times in your life that you sit and wonder why things always stay the same for you.  One day after another goes by, and those good things you’re waiting for never come to pass.  You continue to wonder what you can do to change those circumstances.  Times are hard in Alabama, with a shaky economy, unemployment, and Mother Nature not being cooperative on the weather front.  Having tossed Hurricane Irene into the mix isn’t helping your situation at all.  With these hard times, you can still find some of those good things that you are looking for in life.

You have to realize that you can’t map your entire life out, and expect that things will happen when you want them to, and in the way you want them to.  It is simply not realistic to think that way.  You do need to keep track of your goals and strive for your dreams, but “having a plan” that you must to adhere to is not at all realistic.  For example, “I have to be an architect” may not be the path that you are intended to follow in life.  You have to listen to life and follow your intuitions.  If you can’t make it as architect, there is probably another path in life that suits you.

Sometimes you simply have to take the leap and jump over the “puddles” in life that try to stop you from following your path.  But you do have to be careful of the floods that block your way.  When you run into those, it becomes obvious that you have to take a different path.  There will be times when you have to backtrack to a crossroads and try again.  The idea is to never give up.  Although your path may change, it is important to keep moving forward in life.  Simply standing at the crossroads will take you nowhere.  You have to make your decisions and then follow them through.

There are going to be times when you make a mistake.  So be it.  You will learn from your mistakes and move on to make other decisions.  The key words here are to move on.  Sitting still will not create the positive changes that you need in your life.  You no longer have to wonder what you need to do to change things and get what you want in life.  Take the leap.

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