Benefits of Improved Communication

July 15, 2011

Communicating poorly leads to misunderstanding, arguments, conflict, and a series of other negative outcomes. In the workplace and in your personal life, communication is the single most important component of your interaction with others. If you are the type of person that always feels left out of a conversation or that no one seems to get you, there are obvious benefits to improved communication.

Simply being able to convey your ideas and understand other’s is an important part of feeling like you belong. But what about those without these problems? Can people that don’t routinely have communication issues still benefit from improving their skills?

Even if you pride yourself on your power to persuade or to get others excited about your ideas, there is always much to gain by spending time to improve your communication.

Some of the benefits of improved communication skills include;

  • Earning More Respect: The treatment you receive from others is a reflection of how you are acting. For example, have you ever noticed that as someone raises their voice to you, you begin to raise your own voice? This back and forth can continue until both people are shouting, and no one remembers the reason for the fight. The goal becomes only to shout louder than the other. The flip side is also true, when you remain calm and show the other person respect, they will reflect that back to you. If you make a habit of asking others how their day has been, it won’t be long before others are asking you. No matter how well respected you are, you can always afford to receive a little more.
  • Earn More Influence: Part of good communication is conflict resolution and mediation techniques. Good communication skills will allow you to resolve conflicting viewpoints and goals in a way that makes everyone happy, including yourself. Without good communication skills, you may find yourself always giving in or committing to plans that don’t meet your personal goals. Improving your communication skills will help you get your way more often without squashing someone else.

Regardless of where you rank your communication skills today, there is always room for improvement; and with that improvement, comes more respect and influence.

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