How to be Sincerely Encouraging

June 23, 2011

When we want to be encouraging, we usually are in good faith but the problem is, we don’t sound sincere. Sometimes the words can come out tacky and cliché with the worst timing. So how do genuinely give someone the encouragement necessary when they need it most? Here are some tips.

Try a handwritten, genuine card. Show someone that you have taken the time to think of them and pick out even the cheapest card. Do not simply sign your name; write out a message that shows them you are thinking of them. If you offer support or help, do it sincerely and make sure you can live up to your word. If the person in need actually calls on you for assistance and you cannot help them out, you end up looking like a phony.

Use fresh, encouraging words. If you feel like the same old sentence may be getting to be a little cliché, try an inspirational quote or bible verse. Giving someone a phrase to repeat in their heads when times get tough will help give them internal strength to push through the trials and hardships.

Feed their heart. A little comfort food can do a whole lot of good for someone’s sanity and mentality when times are tough. Bake some cookies, a pie, brownies, or anything with chocolate in the recipe. Chocolate releases those feel good endorphins, which give someone a head start to feeling good. You can also cook a homemade meal for them. If you know them personally, how about their cooking their favorite dish? Get them out of their house and invite them over for a meal instead of bringing it to their door. Fill their minds with food and fellowship instead of whatever is weighing heavily on their hearts. They will be grateful for the escape.

Never stop showing you care. When times get tough, people come out of the word work to show that they are willing and able to support someone during their rough time. The people who are true to their word keep showing they care even when the dust has settled. Dale Carnegie says that “most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” Be that ray of hope, the sunshine in someone’s life by providing additional, heartfelt support after the storm has cleared.

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