Choosing the Right Attitude

June 17, 2011

When things aren’t going right for you, it can be hard to have the right kind of attitude. To be successful, you need to change your down and out view point into a can do attitude. The attitude you choose can be your ticket to your overall success. Here are a few ways to choose the right attitude to make your day go more smoothly and get you back on the path for success.

First, you need to be able to deal with the change that inevitably takes place on a day to day basis. You will face trials and tribulations but look at them as challenges to strengthen yourself. If you are working on a project with a team, facing changes and challenges as a group can help strengthen your team as a whole. Change may result in new routines which can be hard to face if your old routine was a comfortable one. Yet, if you become comfortable with change, you will inspire others to have the same willingness to do whatever needs to be done despite the changes.

You also need to understand the importance of your attitude. Knowing how and when to turn a weakness into a success can make a critical difference in how your day goes. A simple mistake or wrongdoing by another can turn you into a vulnerable mess. But, if you believe you are going to succeed no matter what you face and are willing to work hard to get up from the bottom of hardship, you will succeed! The same is true in a group setting; everyone’s strengths and differences differ from person to person. But in a group setting, each person’s strengths are maximized while the weaknesses are minimized. Push through and preserve when the chance of success seems dim. Dale Carnegie once said: “Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.”

To really have the right attitude in the face of hardship, you have to let go of all the cliché myths you may have heard. Know that fixing someone’s weaknesses won’t necessarily make you a stronger person. The weakness the person is currently holding onto may be making them who they are and constructing their personality. If you try to completely fix weaker members in your work team, you may be setting the whole team up for disaster. You may have also heard that success is the opposite of failure. There are different degrees of success and failures separately; they are not exact opposites of each other.

Bottom line: you need to be willing and flexible to face change, and accept that you cannot always be a fixer. To choose the right attitude, you need to accept the trials you face and roll with it. Eventually the bad will end and the good will take place.

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