Acquire More Clients – Mistakes To Avoid

June 10, 2011

The clients you meet will initially be strangers to you and your company, but they may be your ticket to big success for your company. The trick is perfecting how you interact with these strangers. Customer satisfaction and trust are important not only with your products, but with their happiness of who is representing your company. Therefore, avoid these three mistakes when interacting with potential clients. If not you could lose a lot of potential customers due distrust.

1) Avoid even the slightest exaggeration. Realize that your customers aren’t going to care if your company is number 1 in the nation, has the most offices, etc. Those are features, not benefits, of what your company has to offer. All you are doing is increasing the skepticism of your customers by boasting (if it is true) or by exaggerating (if it’s false). Instead of becoming like any other advertisement in the media, bragging that your company is the best of the best, tell your customers what benefits exist with your company, how you are unique, and prove it to them!

2) Avoid forcing familiarity. Your customers want to be treated in a friendly manner, yes, but they also want it to be sincere. Acting like you already know these strangers that could be your potential customers makes you sound like a desperate telemarketer. Before you can be truly “friendly” with your customers you have to create a foundation of trust in your “strangers.” So, instead of acting like you know someone from the get-go, let them get to know you by introducing yourself and your company as well as sharing your intentions before asking for names, information, etc. from your potential clients.

3) Avoid vague answers. Your customers will want direct and truthful answers when asking for information about you company. Therefore, giving them unnecessary details before the key phrase their looking for makes your employees and your company seem elusive, like you have something to hide. A customer may ask you a simple question as when their product can be delivered. By giving them the run-around of excuses before the meat of the answer makes you sound like you’re avoiding the question. Customers will respond better and have more confidence in your company if you give them upfront honestly, even if it’s not what they would like to hear.

If your company seems to be struggling in gaining or keeping new cliental, before examining the external factors, make sure your internal staff is avoiding these three mistakes. Sometimes, it can be an easier fix than you may think.

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