Social media for business statistics from Harvard Business Review

May 29, 2011

Have you integrated social media into your business? Have you even thought about it? The Harvard Business Review recently released some great information in a report titled “Social Media: What Most Companies Don’t Know.”

The numbers are staggering when you think about where companies were even a year ago. Today, 79% of companies surveyed are using or planning to use social media (58% currently use it and 21% are preparing to launch initiatives).

But we can all agree that not everyone is utilizing these new media tools effectively. And according to the Harvard Business Review, companies are pretty honest about how they’re doing: Only 12% of the 2,100 firms surveyed feel that they are using social media effectively. And those 12% are going above and beyond the typical megaphone marketing — they’re monitoring trends, promoting their brand and researching new product ideas.

Some more statistics:

Of those effective users, 42% indicated that using social media is integral to our overall company goals and strategy.

For those who have started to explore social media, 69% believe the use of those tools will grow significantly over the next few years.

50% admit that, until they’re able to clearly measure the impact of social media, it will not be taken seriously in their organization.

Surprisingly, 11% of those considered ineffective users believe the use of social media for business purposes is a passing fad.

The report also indicates that companies are unsure about who to put at the helm of their strategy. 13% say that finding qualified staff who can work on social media activities is a challenge. 14% cite responding to findings from social media, such as quickly resolving an issue raised via one of the social sites.

So what do you take from these figures? Do you find you and your company are in line with what others are experiencing? Let us know in the comments section.

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