Hire For Your Weaknesses

May 12, 2011

If you want to be successful in business you need to have some courage. Sometimes this means we need to look at ourselves and recognize our own weaknesses. It’s perfectly fine to have weaknesses, and there is no shame in hiring others to compensate for the weaknesses that we possess.

Some may feel intimidated by hiring people to fulfill roles where they are weak. Some people see this as hiring people who are stronger than them, and thus making them look incompetent. For some, the risk of being in an inferior position is very intimidating.

But you have to ask yourself, what is best for the business? The answer is that you need to hire people to cover for your weaknesses.

Possessing weaknesses is not out of the ordinary. In fact, having the courage to hire someone who is stronger than you in certain areas could turn out to be one of your big strength. It’s a wise tactic to hire people who are strong in specific areas. You don’t have to go overboard and create a whole new division; you just need an assistant to handle tasks that you are not particularly great at.

Many people hire others based on personality and because they take a liking to them during interviews. This is very tempting, but it’s not always the wisest option. For example, if you are a very creative person and you hire lots of similar creative individuals, you could end up with a terrifically creative bunch of staff, but no one to implement all these ideas.

Remember, hiring other people to cover for your weaknesses is something you do to help your business grow; you do not have to resent that there are others that you have to outsource and delegate to.

You may even decide to partner up with an individual who is strong in areas where you are weak. This can be a great option provided you are comfortable sharing your business or franchise with a business partner. This can be a great option for the growth of your business, particularly if this partner can bring with them investment capital.

Another benefit of hiring to cover for your weaknesses is that you can utilize their expertise to help you enhance the skills that you are lacking in. If you have someone who can help you develop the skills that you need, then you can maintain more control over your business without the major overhead of specializing a lot of employees.

The question is, do you have the courage to hire people who possess the skills that you lack?

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