Teamwork That Saves Lives

May 5, 2011

So here’s the thing about teamwork: it can actually save lives. How? Take a moment to really think about certain teams and what they do, and know that when a team operates successfully, seamlessly, you’re talking about an ultimate goal being achieved. That’s the essence of teamwork.

This applies namely to the Montgomery Fire Department in Alabama. A brotherhood of loyalty and strength, hailed to be one of the top-of-the-line teams in the state with the connected groups and specialized work they do when the duty calls. Again, though, it’s all about teamwork. Working together.

Over at the Montgomery Fire Department on Carmichael Road, Fire Station No. 3, you’ll find there the prestigious “Heavy Rescue Team,” a group of heroes dedicated to dealing with situations such as vehicle entrapment, high-angle rope rescues, and certain natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes. They’ve been trained for that — but they’ve only been so effective as their ability to work together as a team. Otherwise, people die — even themselves.

That very station on Carmichael Road is led by Captain M.D. Spivey, and they all also house ladders, pumpers, and medic truck units for other stations in the city. Consisting of 15 members, five firefighters working each shift. Pretty standard for fire stations all over the country.

But here’s the catch: you’ve got the cream of the crop here. Completely based on full-on teamwork, the training involved is so top-notch that you can’t beat the inevitable truth of their arrival stating that all will be safe, all will be good, and the disaster will be averted. All due to the team.

Now why is it so important to work as a team? Think about what they do, people. They’re firefighters. Heroes. Legionaries. When facing the belly of a fiery beast, you can imagine they need everyone to be on the same page, connected, working as one. One firefighter, no matter how stellar and undeniably unbreakable in spirit can’t tackle a fire alone. It takes a team to do it — at all angles, all at the same time, without fail.

This belief, this core mantra, can be silently witnessed in the sheer uncompromising standard the Montgomery Fire Department takes part in with the education necessary to provide the skills to all hopefuls wanting to help with any disaster. To be considered a part of a prestigious team as the “Heavy Rescue Team,” it takes three years with the department and then additional training and schooling at one of many schools, one in particular the Alabama State Fire College in Tuscaloosa. There’s no slacking off when it comes to the preservation of lives.

That training wouldn’t amount to anything if it wouldn’t be for the very core at the heart of it all: a sense of teamwork, brotherhood, the belief that you have a priority to look out for every single man on your team.  That’s the Montgomery Fire Department to a tee. It’s about teamwork. Remember that when you’re part of  a team — and be proud of it.

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