Tips for up selling and cross selling

May 3, 2011

Cross selling and up selling are important strategies in any business, especially on your company website. But I’m sure we can all point to examples of people doing it poorly — so how can we do it effectively?

When cross selling or up selling, you must make sure it always stays relevant to the customer, according to Trying to sell them products they don’t need only serves to distract the customer when they’re preparing to make a purchase. It can also damage your credibility.

Don’t overwhelm. Cross selling too many products at the same time will only confuse your customer. “Keep your related item suggestions tight and focused.” Your customers will thank you.

Location, location, location. Where you decide to display your related items is critical — the two most effective places are the product pages and the view cart page on your website. A “Most Popular” section may benefit sales on your homepage.

Share enough details. If customers have to click on an item to find out more information, it takes them away from their purchase, perhaps never to return. A price, thumbnail and brief description will provide enough information for your customers to make an informed decision.

Make it easy to toggle back and forth. Make sure a customer can seamlessly travel back and forth between their cart and the product page. They’re more likely to purchase more items and they won’t get disgruntled.

For more tips, check out the rest of the article here.

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