Engaged employees translate into success for your business

April 8, 2011

Employee engagement can have a tangible effect on your company’s bottom line. And how managers behave impacts what employees feel. An employee’s attitude about the workplace and the organization is influenced dramatically by what his or her boss says and does.

If the immediate supervisor takes joy in workers’ accomplishments, emphasizes what is right, makes an effort to catch people doing something right and praise them for it, and regularly takes steps to recognize and fairly reward achievement, then workers will feel that their efforts do matter. But if managers are distant, seldom straying from their offices or from meetings, and provide feedback only when it is negative, then the manager’s behavior is creating a toxic workplace rather than an engaged workplace.

Managers who build the right climate will:

Recruit and select people in part based on their track record of engagement with past employers.

Ask questions about what people feel about the organization, work, customers and other key issues, and then take steps to remove barriers to results.

Focus on identifying individual strengths and leveraging those to the advantage of the individual, team, and organization.

Recognize achievement rather than envying it or trying to steal the credit for it.

Develop people for engagement as well as for knowledge and skills.

Provide encouragement when people seem to be unhappy or disappointed.

But we’d love to hear from you, our readers, on this topic: What have you done or what have others done to increase employee engagement? Is there some type of special recognition, or perhaps one-on-one meetings to let employees know they’re valued. Let us know in the comments section.

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