Stress at work — how do you manage?

March 24, 2011

The commute, a big presentation, a meeting with the boss, deadlines — we all could probably use a little less stress in the workplace.

If you need a few tips, look no further — the Dale Carnegie training website offers plenty to help you if not reduce some stress, help control the stress that you do have in the work place. Here are a few:

– Compartmentalize. If something goes wrong, and surely, it will from time to time, don’t allow that bad experience to seep into the rest of your work.

– Don’t sweat the small stuff. Keep the big picture in mind. Will this small snafu affect the project as a whole? No? Then don’t let it bother you.

– Recognize when you can’t do anything. There are certain work situations that you just won’t be able to avoid. Try to learn what you can from these situations.

Click on the link above to read all the tips.

I used to keep a supply of bubble wrap in my desk drawer when I needed to take out some frustration. And, although it’s not always practical, taking a walk around the block helps sometimes, too. Often, me taking a few minutes away from the situation helps me clear my head, and then see things from a different perspective.

What about you? How do you deal with stress in the office?

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