How Social Media can Help your Small Business

March 9, 2011

Small businesses have a lot on their plate. With so much going on, sometimes businesses forget a very important piece of their business plan; marketing. Marketing is important for businesses of all sizes but has an even heavier hand within small businesses, especially those that are still in the infant phase and emerging.

Besides the regular staples of marketing, social media marketing has grown extensively and has become more and more beneficial and important for businesses to implement into their marketing plan. Social media is a fast and, for the most part, simple way to reach out to your customers and keep them involved with your business. Having customers feel recognized and heard makes them feel involved and keeps them as loyal, returning customers.

Not to mention social media is good for retaining and keeping customers, it helps your business as well by interacting with customers and getting feed back from them on a regular basis. Hearing from your customers and finding out what the plus and minus’ are about your business can help you develop into a more attractive business to potential customers and a caring company that listens to their customers.

For some great examples of how social media has helped small business and more information check out the related article “More Tips from the Social Media Pros” from The New York Times.

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