Tips on starting a small business

March 2, 2011

Sometimes you get to a point where you just have to admit you’re not cut out for working for someone else. Well, the good news is that there has never been a better time than now to start a business. The entrepreneurial spirit is high, and affordable technology has leveled the playing field quite a bit for those who don’t have large pools of capital to dip into. In order to start a successful business, you need a few things: Motivation, passion, drive, and an absolute faith in yourself and what you’re trying to accomplish.

Of course, a little advice never hurt anyone either. ABC News/Money has a great post outlining some tips to help take the edges off and give you the boost of confidence you might need to take things to the next level. Here’s a summary:

  • Be sure you truly want to be a small business owner.
  • Figure out the small business idea that you’re most excited about making happen.
  • Skip the lengthy business plan.
  • Pinpoint your customer base.
  • The majority of your time must be devoted to sales.
  • Keep costs down—way down.
  • Price for profit.
  • Get moving now.

Read the full article at ABC, entitled, “Be Your Own Boss! Tips For Starting A Small Business in 2011.” for the full breakdown, including helpful links to resources.

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