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February 25, 2011

I ran across a very neat contest on the internet recently. A blogger was given a computer from HP. In exchange, she had to write about her experiences with it. A fairly common arrangement nowadays.

HP also gave her a second one to give away to her readers. This creates goodwill from HP and reader engagement—a win/win.

What’s interesting is the way this blogger, Crissy Page, decided to give away the free computer. Here’s how it works:

Everybody gets “points”, which are each worth an entry into a random drawing. She awards one point (one entry) for commenting on her blog and telling her why you need or want the free computer. That’s all anyone needs to do to enter the contest.

However, she has upped the ante. I’ll quote from her website:

1 Point DAILY per Tweet (comment with your tweet URL):
I entered to #win an awesome #HP TouchSmart 310 from @Crissy and @HP_PC. Info on the #giveaway here: Like? RT!
2 Loyalty points for verified subscription to via Email.
1 Point if you follow Dear Crissy on Google Friend Connect (right sidebar).
1 Point if you like Dear Crissy on Facebook.
1 Point if you like HP on Facebook.
1 Point if you click the “Like” button at the bottom of this post.
1 Point if you follow @Crissy on Twitter.
1 Point if you follow @HP_PC on Twitter.
SPECIAL BONUS ENTRY (worth 10 pts., comment 10 times saying “I blogged” and post your link):
Take this opportunity to write about your entry in this contest, about why you want to win the TouchSmart 310, about work, home, technology, or any related topic. You must include the following snippet in your blog post to be counted:
SPECIAL BONUS ENTRY (worth 10 pts., comment 10 times saying “Button Grabbed!” and post your link):

Now, admittedly, that’s an awful lot of effort to enter the contest; in order to get all the possible entries, you’d have to spend quite a lot of time Tweeting, Facebooking, and writing about it. For the bonus points, you have to create content and put buttons on your own website. Let’s face it; she’s asking for a lot.

However, people will indeed do this. They will go through the effort if it increases their chances of winning.

Think of ways you can increase engagement with your own readers or customers. Crissy Page did it by being very creative; asking her readers to do social media outreach for her, in exchange for the chance of winning a neat prize. She’ll get lots of links back to her website (which is great for SEO) and buzz for her and HP (ensuring a good relationship with HP and probably more free gear in the future.)

It goes to show: creativity can go a long, long way towards success.

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