City of Muscle Shoals thinks outside the box, finds success

February 23, 2011

Many municipalities are trying to revitalize their downtown in order to attract new business and residents. After all, having a walkable downtown area with easy parking and access to shops is a great way to attract people, right?

Small towns all over the country are earmarking funds for city core revitalization; improving sidewalks, signage, and services to make it a more welcoming environment for pedestrians and shoppers.

The City of Muscle Shoals really went all out: They essentially started with a blank slate due to the widening of their main road. They’ve ended up building a very unique downtown area with a pedestrian overpass, and strict building codes that dictate what businesses must look like.

It seems to be a successful strategy for them. Older buildings are filling up with businesses and the consistent architecture is a boon for visitors.

You can read more about the core revitalization efforts at the Times-Daily website.

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