Tips for handling snow days in a work environment

February 3, 2011

With a winter storm advisory hovering over Birmingham, Alabama, you might be wondering: Do staffers get snow days? recently tackled this very subject, because, as children, inclement weather meant snow days away from school in which sleeping in and playing video games were the most pressing items on the to-do list.

But when you’re a grown-up, the game changes a little bit. You have to worry about driving through the powdery stuff on your side street and the highway you take to get to the office, and sometimes people opt to say in the comforts of home, rather than risk fish-tailing on the open road.

The protocol for snow days varies from company to company, of course, but many are puzzled by what to do the morning after a big snowstorm, Peter Handal, president, CEO and chairman of Dale Carnegie Training, told

“We also stress the importance of safety, and during inclement weather, employees should stay at home if they do not feel safe to commute to work,” Handal said. He went on to say that management should keep in mind that employees come from all different directions and distances, so giving everyone the option to work from home is the fairest and safest option.

But what about the distractions that come from working at home?

“When employees work remotely, it is important for management to ensure that employees complete all projects for that given day,” Handal says. One way to do that is to send “check-in” e-mails every hour or so to guarantee that employees remain productive and also to gauge how far along they are in completing various tasks. For more great advice about adult snow days, read the rest of the article here.

So how do you go about handling snow days in your office? Any best practices or advice for what not to do? Let us know in the comments section.

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