Tips for encouraging your staff members to lead

January 7, 2011

It’s the first week back after the New Year, and it can be challenging sometimes to get your staff members motivated to tackle 2011 with spirit and vigor. And not only do you want them to be motivated, but you also want them to take on leadership roles to help propel your company forward.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that different people respond to different types of techniques — keep an open mind and be flexible when you’re trying to inspire team members to stand up and lead.

A few options:

Issue a challenge. Some people need a specific challenge to motivate them. By doing so, you create a very clear and measurable goal for a staff member to achieve.

Appeal to nobler motives. Sometimes employees feel like their work doesn’t make a difference. But by appealing to a team’s nobler motives, you can increase morale and also set higher standards for them.

Be sympathetic. It’s never a good idea to tell someone they’re wrong. Even if you disagree, listen to that person and be empathetic to their ideas and desires.

Use evidence. Back up what you have to say with proof. By doing so, you can give instant credibility to your ideas. With evidence, even staff members with a different perspective will take notice.

Listen to what your staff has to say. Some employees don’t have aspirations to be the CEO of the company; instead, they may just want to make sure their opinions and ideas are valued.

Ask questions. Instead of issuing direct orders, ask questions that help guide your staff members through the issues and come up with their own solutions.

Value your staff. Make them feel genuinely important. With as tough as the economy is these days, employees want to be reassured that their contribution and leadership does have a huge impact on the company’s survival, stability and growth.

These are just a few tips to get you started — are there any tips you’d add?

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