Dale Carnegie’s Nancy Covert offers job interview tips

December 6, 2010

There are few things more nerve-wracking than a job interview. You’re worried about saying the right thing, having the right impact, and — oh my gosh — did I remember to brush my teeth this morning?

The Birmingham Business Journal tackled this very subject matter in an article called “Will you ace the interview?” In an increasingly competitive job market, it’s even more important for job applicants to be on their A games in order to snag the job of their dreams.

Nancy Covert, president of Dale Carnegie Training of Birmingham, was quoted in the article, saying that candidates should be able to voice their skills, show assertiveness and relax when answering questions.

“An interview is the time to show the interviewer how you can be an asset to their company,” she told the Birmingham Business Journal. “In an interview, it is necessary to show the company you are qualified and would like to see if you are a fit to their corporate environment.”

Covert encourages people to go the extra mile to stand out from the pack. Your go-get-‘em attitude during the interview will help a potential employer better understand how you might contribute to the company.

She also encourages people to make plenty of eye contact, because “body language in the first 10 seconds of an interview or meeting with a new acquaintance offers a laundry list of impressions,” she told the Birmingham Business Journal.

Non-verbals like smiling, posture, eye contact and your handshake can sometimes make or break your chances at the job.

To read the rest of the article, which includes more advice from Covert and other experts, check out the publication’s article here.

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