Quick ways to hurt your career prospects

November 22, 2010

Sometimes we can get in the way of our own success. Is that a fair statement?

We over think things, we make things seem harder than they really are, and we sometimes talk ourselves into thinking things aren’t possible. Monster.com has put together a list of things we sometimes do in our own careers that may hinder our progress.

A few of the most important tips include:

Partying too much in college and walking away with a 2.5 grade-point average means you’ll be passed over for even entry-level positions. Not finishing your master’s can also hurt your career goals, so placing an emphasis on your education is a necessity.

It sounds like common sense, but lying in general is a quick way to lose credibility. Exaggerating on a resume is a big issue, as is calling in “sick” so that you can spend an extra day on vacation. Don’t be shady — keep everything on the up and up.

Social media can get you in trouble. Posting personal tweets while you’re on the clock when you’re boss isn’t too keen on this idea can earn you a slacker title. “You need to assume that every boss and potential employer knows how to use Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, and post from the standpoint that everyone is watching, even if in reality they’re not,” according to Diane Gottsman of the Protocol School of Texas in San Antonio.

Don’t be “that guy” that shares way too much about your personal life. Certain health issues or fights with your significant other should only be shared with trusted confidents. On the flip side, being a mute isn’t a good idea, either, so always share stories and experiences when appropriate.

To read more about these tips and many others, check out the Monster.com article here.

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