United Way of Central Alabama improves presentation skills

September 14, 2010

Here at Dale Carnegie Training of Birmingham, Alabama, we are fortunate to work with companies large and small, helping them improve their presentation skills, their sales skills and so much more.

One particularly memorable session took place at the end of August with the United Way of Central Alabama. We were approached by leadership there who were interested in gaining the tools and skills needed to go out in the community and raise money for their cause — increasing the organized capacity of people to care for one another and to improve their community.

Our High-Impact Presentations class was tailored to the group’s specific needs and centered around helping the group of about 45 to tell impactful stories, stories that convey what United Way is able to do for the community.

The main points stressed during the training were (1) how to quickly grab the attention of the audience, (2) how to explain the benefits of being a supporter of the United Way, and (3) how to effectively close and convince an audience to take action. Each participant was able to deliver an effective presentation in 5 to 7 minutes.

We also coached the group on handling objections and handling difficult questions from the audience, and we looked at ways to present evidence more effectively so that they’re able to respond quickly on their feet.

Last year, even in a down economy, these executives were able to raise $38 million for the United Way of Central Alabama. They have a lot of energy and passion for the cause, and they’re trying to surpass that goal this year and raise a lot more money for this organization.

We really applaud this talented group of individuals for taking the initiative to improve their presentation skills and for being proactive in their goal to raise a great deal of money in what most people still consider a down economy. We wish them the best of luck in their fundraising this year!

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