Learn to create a positive, inviting customer experience

August 18, 2010

In a world where it only takes seconds for a customer to criticize a company, product, or service and then broadcast it to the world, transparency within organizations is now paramount to success. Phone calls, e-mails, press releases and more all contribute to creating a loyal customer (or not), and the more positive those experiences are, the more likely they’ll keep coming back.

This post is the first in a series designed to offer tips about integrity that every business leader should know. First up: Every client and prospect adds up their experience with your business.

It sounds like common sense: Every sound, every interaction, every visual within your company shapes your customers’ experiences. If a salesperson is short with a client or if the first thing a customer sees upon entering your office is a disheveled, unorganized desk, you may have already lost the sale without even knowing it.

But while you may understand this, does your staff? It’s important to have everyone on board in order to stay ahead of the competition. They need to know that demand for corporate integrity is at an all-time high, and one way to ensure a positive customer experience is to talk to customers like real people, and avoid scripts whenever possible. Creating a welcoming environment can go a long way in nurturing customer loyalty.

Stay tuned for tips on how experiences can be designed and tailored for your customers.

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